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Resources/Tools for GT5/6


Name Author Description
GTToolsSharp Nenkai Tool to unpack volumes (.VOL), PDIPFS game data/updates, pack games into PDIPFS for modding, decrypting movies and databases
TXS3Converter xfileFIN, Nenkai Tool to convert standard images into GT5/6 .img image formats
GTBGMLibraryEditor Nenkai Allows you to view and edit PS3-era track library & playlist listings (bgm.lib/GT6.lib)
GTAdhocToolchain Nenkai A toolchain for the Gran Turismo scripting language, Adhoc, from C#. Allows dissasembling GT5 scripts, compiling GT5 scripts from source, converting .mproject files to text format, unpacking and packing .gpb files.
GTSaveData xFileFIN & q-k Tool for decrypting and encrypting GT5 and 6 saves.
SGXDataBuilder Nenkai This tool allows building SGX audio file banks used in various PSP and PS3 games (sgd/sgh/sgb) from standard audio formats (used by GT5/6).
GTSpecDB Nenkai, xFileFIN Tool to view, edit, and export the car and course databases for GT5. (Note: works without issues unlike GT4).
vgmstream vgmstream Tool for playback of various audio formats such as SGD/SGX used in GT5. (Mostly a foobar2000 plugin).
GTReplayInfo Nenkai A tool to view GT5 & 6 Replay Metadata. (rough state)
GTTrackEditor ddm999 Just a track viewer. (unfinished, rough state)
GTESGXEditor TheAdmiester Extract, edit and build Gran Turismo 5/6 vehicle sound files (.esgx)
GTPseudoReflectionObject Nenkai Tool that allows editing AES files - Extended Sound Engine (GT6 & GTSP), .envptr - Environment Parameter files - Environment settings for tracks (GTPSP/GT5/6/SP), .pmf files - Volume Settings (GTPSP/5/6/+?)
GT5 Save Editor xFileFIN N/A
GT.RText xfileFIN, Nenkai Tool to view and edit text/localization files (.rtext/.rt2)
GTAllPaintEditor Nenkai A tool to edit GT6's allpaint.bin file which is responsible for assigning custom paints to cars through GT Auto.
GTNDB0Editor Nenkai View and edit car names (CarName.dat) for GT6 & AC2013
GT.STEditor Nenkai Tool to edit ST structures (mostly present in saves)
Modded GT6 Track Path Editor xFileFIN, Nenkai Removed limitations, can export tracks as .ted
TEDEditor xfileFIN Used for editing elevations

Useful Resources