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Music Tracks

Gran Turismo 5 and 6 store track streams in Sony SGXD containers.


Foobar2000 with the VGMStream plugin can be used to stream and play contents of a SGD file.

Creating a music track


Building an SGX Audio Container

First, open SGXDBuilder.GUI.exe. From here, you can import an audio source from standard formats (refer to the format specification for the supported formats).


An SGX container can contain multiple audio streams (of different formats too!) that the game can then address.

Once you've added your audio sources, you can hit Export to SGD to output SGX (.sgd) files.

Sound Effects (SFX)

When creating individual SFX, it is recommended that you use .vag as the file format as it is the most suitable both in compression and file size. You can use VagConvSharp to create these.

You can convert as such:

Converting WAV to VAG
VagConvSharp.exe <input_vag> <output_vag> [--name <optional, name>] [--loop <optional, whether to loop>]

Registering tracks into the game

Open the BGML editor (GTBGMLibraryEditor.exe) and open sound_gt\library\<lib_file>.lib.

From here you can edit track listings, add or remove tracks and playing groups. From here you would add a new entry with the file name of your newly created SGX file.

Once that's done, just save the library file.


Your newly added track may not show up in the track list in-game, that's because the initial list is created when the game is booted and stored in the save. It is not yet known how to alert the game to update the list.