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IDI - ID/Label Information

Applies to: GT4, GT5, GTPSP · Extension: .idi · Endian: Platform Dependent

IDI files links database rows to an ID and Label. This format mostly used for quickly searching a row by ID or Label, and is directly linked to DBT, Database Table.


GT6 and above have moved away from this format, using SQLite instead.

Size: 0x10

Field Offset Type Description
GTID 0x00 Int Magic, (Enforced, cannot be different)
Key Count 0x04 Int Keys in the table
Empty 0x08 Int N/A
Table ID 0x0C Int Table ID. Each table (except optional ones) has an unique identifier.
Keys 0x10 Key[] Keys start here.


Field Offset Type Description
Key Name Offset 0x00 Int Pointer to this key's name. Points to a string 2-byte prefixed for its length.
Row ID 0x04 Int Row ID of this Key


This table and string table must be ordered by key name alphanumerically (length first then contents) for binary search.

The strings are aligned to the nearest 0x02.