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Fonts use a custom vectored format that needs to be converted from to be usable.

Converting to NVEC

Required Files

Conversion & Usage

Simply run the tool as such:

nvec_builder.exe <your_ttf_font> <output_vec_font> # (1)!

    • <your_ttf_font> should be replaced by the path to your TTF font
    • <output_vec_font> should be a path for the output .vec font, created by the tool.

After that, drop the newly created font to font/vec/ and edit each fontset_*.txt file to add the following entries before ----[END]:

----[MyFont] 360 700 1088
MyFont is the name of the font and how it can be accessed from Adhoc or MProjects, while MyFontFile is the actual file name for the font.


It is recommended to edit the font before-hand to remove characters that you are unlikely to use - all fonts registered in fontset_<region>.txt are loaded at boot and will persist therefore taking up memory.

FontForge can be used to do so.