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Resources/Tools for GT2


Name Author Description
GT2ModelTool pez2k CDO to OBJ / OBJ to CDO converter for GT2. Requires very strong knowledge of the CDO format to use.
GMCreator Adeyblue Tool for editing Gran Turismo 2 menus, foreground + background images and widgets.
GTSeq2Midi xan1242 Converts .seq music files to midi.
GTVolTools Adeyblue Tool to extract and recompile .VOL files from GT2, its demos, and GT2000
GT2DataSplitter pez2k Convert the carparam files in Gran Turismo 2 to and from CSV (car/event database)
GT2TextureEditor pez2k Convert car texture files from Gran Turismo 1 and 2 into easily editable formats, and back into original format
GT2SaveChecksumFixer pez2k Fix the checksum on edited GT2 savegames
GT2CarViewer Leo2236/pez2k/TheAdmiester View GT2 and its demos' cars models and colors, export to obj - edited version with a few fixes
GT2SolodataEditor pez2k GT2 solodata.dat file editing (car descriptions and special menu page IDs)
TimViewer rveach Viewing TIM texture files, extracting their data
TIMformatE.8BI 야가미 Photoshop plugin for editing TIM image files
GT2UsedCarEditor pez2k Tool to edit the available stock in the Used Car Dealerships in Gran Turismo 2
GT2CarIDConverter pez2k Convert GT2 car IDs to and from their hex hashes used in files and memory
GT2CarInfoEditorCSV pez2k Convert the carinfo files in Gran Turismo 2 to and from CSV (replay names, car colour information, and more)
mkpsxiso LameGuy64, Silent & Others Builds PlayStation CD images
mkpsxiso GT2 config pez2k mkpsxiso configurations for building GT2 disc images
PSound snailrush Plays various PSX and PS2 sound files.

Useful Resources