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Gran Turismo 5/6 - AppOpt System/Command

Command line arguments are parameters that controls how a program should behave.

Both games allow command-line arguments to be provided to control the game at will.

Arguments are also passed to the Adhoc system through the AppOpt object.


  • DEX FW Console with PS3 SDK installed (TMAPI) - Rebug D-REX 4.84 works, or RPCS3
  • GT5/6
  • PS3 Connected to PC via Ethernet (if no RPCS3)
  • Debug Converted EBOOT

Console Setup


Skip this if you are using RPCS3.

Ensure that in Rebug Toolbox:

  • Debug Menu Type = DEX
  • QA Flag = ON

Ensure that in Debug Settings (XMB):

  • Game Output Resolution: Set to whatever you want
  • Release Check Mode: Development Mode
  • Boot Mode: System Software Mode
  • Network Settings for Debug: Single Settings

Setup Target Manager


Skip this if you are using RPCS3.

  • Start Target Manager.
  • Right click My Targets, click Add Target.
  • Put whatever in Name, select Debugging Station, press Next.
  • In IP address or host name, put the IP of the PS3, then Next again, then Finish.
  • Double click the target that was added to connect to it.
  • Right click the target, go into Properties.
  • In Target->TM Properties, look for File Serving, and File server directory. here, you want to put the parent directory of the game. Preferably the USRDIR directory, i.e: "C:\Games\BCES01893\USRDIR" where BCES01893 is the game folder from /dev_hdd0/game/.


Arguments are inserted by <keyName>=<value>, with a space between each additional argument.


Argument Type Description
fsroot 0/1 Loads from a custom path remotely, volume-less.
patchdemo 0/1 ?
language string (32 chars max) Sets the game language
player_name string Sets the player name in events
specdb string Sets the SpecDB path


Argument Type Description
no_meter 0/1 Whether to disable debug meters (debug build only)
grp_debug 0/1 Whether to enable model/course/camera debug (debug build only)
sound_debug 0/1 Whether to enable a quick menu race option to test sounds (debug build only, broken on release)
chromakey 0/1 Green screen in races


Argument Type Description
disable_savedata 0/1 Whether to disable saving completely
skip_tutorial 0/1 Whether to skip tutorial on new saves
skip_op 0/1 Whether to skip intro
no_autodemo 0/1 Whether to disable demos
skip_present 0/1 Whether to disable reward checks


Argument Type Description
patch 0/1 ?
patch_root string ?
storagePatch 0/1 ?


Argument Type Description
branch string Sets the game branch, can be gt6/runviewer/academy/behavior
gt5 0/1 Whether to load projects with the gt5 product name rather than gt6
project_prefix string ?
adhoc_trace_object 0/1 ? (Possibly debug only)
design_work 0/1 Whether to boot directly into design_work instead of dev_runviewer when branch is runviewer
no_package 0/1 Whether to load projects from their ADC files rather than MPackage


Argument Type Description
grim string ?
server_special_value string Header Value for X-gt-special for the game to use
online_lounge 0/1 Whether online lounge is available as runviewer
eula 0/1 Whether EULA is forced to show
lanmode 0/1 Whether LAN Mode is enabled
copudp 0/1 ?
network_available 0/1 Whether network is available, mainly for runviewer
matching_num 1-16? Value to overrides the racers_max for any Quick Match event.


Argument Type Description
expand_memory 0/1 Whether to expand memory for races?
lap1 0/1 All events are 1 lap
autorun_viewchange 0/1 ?
result ? Result for events?
bspec 0/1 Forces allowed bspec (?)
omedeto 0/1 ?


nobot - sets bot_on to False bot - sets bot_on to True nobothost - ? bottype - ? botgroup - ? botroom - ? botcrs - ? botstart - ?


matching_num - ? quickmatch (index) - ? quickmatch_index - ? quickmatch_old - ?


Argument Type Description
demo_idx int Auto demo index to play