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Ideal RPCS3 Setup

Quickstart Guide

The Quickstart guide has all the information you need to set up the emulator, and how to make a proper copy of your game that could be used with it. Read it at The Quickstart Guide

You can also join the RPCS3 Discord


As of 02/06/2023, desyncs have been fixed, no special build is required! Check For Updates in Help at the top menu.

CPU / GPU / Advanced

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To enable debug settings,

  1. Navigate to:

    • RPCS3\GuiConfigs on Windows
    • ~/.config/rpcs3/GuiConfigs on Linux
    • ~/Library/Application Support/rpcs3/GuiConfigs on MacOS
  2. Open CurrentSettings.ini with a text editor.

  3. Change showDebugTab=false to showDebugTab=true.

Game Specific Issues

For fixing, or checking issues, refer to the game specific pages on the RPCS3 Wiki:

Game Updates

Game Updates

Develop/Debug Menu for GT6 1.02

GT6 1.02 mod since it runs better on that version - unlocks develop/debug menu (SELECT + R1)


RPCS3 Online LAN Tutorial.


Only RPCS3 <-> RPCS3 at the moment.

  1. Set up GT5 on RPCS3 (make sure you have the latest RPCS3), Update the game to 2.11 by installing each update in order, and install Nenkai's LAN Mod.
  2. Download RadminVPN and install it.
  3. Connect to the Network RPCS3 LAN, Password is Onlineplz.
  4. Copy the IP shown below your name in RadminVPN.
  5. Open RPCS3, Paste the IP to Network -> Bind address in settings.
  6. Make sure you have Network Status set to Connected, and PSN Status set to Disconnected for GT5.
  7. Run GT5, go to the Secret Settings at the very bottom of the Settings menu, and enable label_lounge under Display Options. Also enable Online Lounge Demo under Special Network Options to the right.
  8. Go to the LAN Racing Symbol in the Main Menu, select LAN Battle and you should be good to go!