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SpecDB - Car Specification Database


Refer to the SpecDB concept documentation first.

Gran Turismo 4/5/PSP uses their own formats, which can be edited with the SpecDB Editor. It is also possible to convert said databases to SQLite for easier browsing.


Gran Turismo 6 uses SQLite which can be edited with any SQLite editor such as SQLiteStudio, it is required to decrypt it before viewing and editing it.

To decrypt it, use GTToolsSharp, decrypting and re-encrypting the SpecDB is done through one single command:

GTToolsSharp cryptsalsa -i DB0106.dat --key 2D9EE83E63120EB25DF4981EE73C3BE194D0F059DE50C8D4FCB66C10D3EDC549

This command will decrypt or encrypt the SpecDB file using the specified key.


This key is normally found in scripts/gt6/

Important Information

  • The model code i.e 00080012 is made up of 2 parts, the first 4 digits being the maker, 0008 being Polyphony Digital, and the last 4 being the car's code.
  • To link all part upgrades of a car in GT5, files named PartsInfo.tbd and PartsInfo.tbi are used. They are important as without them, going into car tuning settings will softlock due to missing parts. The SpecDB Editor will allow you to rebuild it.

Adding a Car to the game (from an existing model)



  • car/race/<model_file> model must exist or creating a car thumbnail, or going into a race will hard crash the game.
  • Ensure that NumColors in GENERIC_CAR matches the amount of linked rows in VARIATION or the Dealership will softlock.
  • Ensure that CHASSIS is properly linked and has valid data or the garage/race screen will stay black upon loading.
  • Ensure that WHEEL has existing model files in the wheel folder.
  • Ensure that every part in DEFAULT_PARTS actually links to part row that exists.
  • Ensure that the model code in MODEL_INFO is correct or the dealership will not display the car and softlock upon exiting.