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Creating Event Categories (Folders) & Events

Gran Turismo 5 & 6 uses very simple XML to represent game events (and in the case of GT6, also whole event folders).

File Locations:

  • GT5: textdata/gt5/<aspec_event/license/etc>
  • GT6: game_parameter/gt6/<license/event/etc>

The best way to start off is understanding an existing original event and using it as base. You may notice that all event files start with a letter followed by 3 digits. These XMLs contain the event list for a game event category (i.e Sunday Cup).

(GT5) Creating a new Event Folder

If you're creating a new event folder, you will need to refer to this.

For GT5, you can refer to the gamelist.xml in the aspec_race folder to figure out which file is which category.

Field Description
id Unique ID for your event. It must follow a previous one. i.e last is 110, next has to be 111 else your game will black screen. Each hundreds correspond to a different tier:
- 100: Beginner
- 200: Amateur
- 300: Professional
- 400: Expert
- 500: Extreme
- 600: Endurance
file_id Also has to be unique. i.e 150 would point to the r150.xml file.
level Level required to access the folder.
event_count Event count in that folder.
is_championship Whether the folder is a championship where you cannot start an individual event.


id must be in order! For instance, 109 is the last event folder in the Beginner category, if you are adding a new folder, the next one has to be 110.

The game has a rather poor event handling code, you might see a crash that kicks out of the event menus if ids are not in order.

(GT5) Folder Title/Description


The section about Editing Text is required for this step.

In order to add or edit new event information, you will need to do some text editing.

Open the projects/gt5/gtmode/<locale> folder into the GT.RText tool. Go to the ASpecEventNameGT5 or BSpecEventNameGT5.

Add a row as such (where xxx is your event ID):

  • rxxxd - For your description
  • rxxxt - For your title
  • rxxxc - For your caption.

Important: Ensure that the row and labels are in order. The last row in the rt2 must not be below any of the other ids as its last row.





(GT6) Creating a new Event Folder

In GT6 compared to GT5 the process has been changed (and made a lot more flexible). GT6 uses a sqlite database to store folder data. You will need something like SQLiteStudio to edit it.

That sqlite database is located at database/gt6/menudb.dat.


This file is encrypted, follow the SpecDB guide to decrypt it.

Open the file through SQLiteStudio. You will notice a few tables on the left pane, you'll be interested only in t_event_folder and t_event_folder_localize. Go to the "Data" tab.

Create rows for each folder that you want to create and apply them.

Field Description
t_event_folder Folder definitions:
id Unique ID, just make sure they're continuous
NeedFolder FolderID required to complete before accessing this one
Star Total stars to obtain in that event (for regular folders) - Used for progress, make sure it matches
Name File name of your named XML
NeedStar Amount of stars in the current category (i.e) novice to open the folder
TitleID Must match LocalizeID in t_event_folder_localize
FolderID XML id which will point to your event list XML (i.e 1000 = r1000.xml)
Type Type of event. Refer to the table below.
FolderOrder For regular folders only. The display list depends on it, if you set it as 0 the folder will show on top of the left pane.
Type Numbers
1xxx: Novice
2xxx: National B
3xxx: National A
4xxx: International B
5xxx: International A
6xxx: Endurance
  x0xx: Regular Folder
  x1xx: License
  x2xx: Mission
  x3xx: Coffee Breaks
  x4xx: One Make
  x5xx: Endurance (Unused)
7xxx: Red Bull Events
8xxx: Moon Events
9xxx: Goodwood Events
0xxx: Sierra Events
  • t_event_folder_localize - Name of your folder in each language - required for each folder:
  • id: Must be unique
  • LocalizeID: Must match your folder's TitleID in t_event_folder
  • Everything else: Name of your folder in each language - just set it all as english

Creating Events

If you've created your folder or editing an existing one, you can take on doing the event itself.


  • GT5: textdata/gt5/<aspec_event/license/etc>
  • GT6: game_parameter/gt6/<license/event/etc>

If you are using GT6, you are strongly recommended to create your own event using the Event Maker. It will allow you to directly export events as XML along with their folders. It is also well documented, most labels will show information while hovering them.

However if you're still editing directly through a text/code editor, you can refer to the XML documentation itself. If you're creating an event make sure it matches the IDs for your folders in either GT5 or GT6, including the xml file names.

Note for GT6

If you are editing original events, you might also notice these .fgp files - You will need to remove them from the PDIPFS in order for the game to bypass its event cache or no changes will occur.

Read -> Removing files from the game