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Resources/Tools for GT4


Name Author Description
GT4FS xfileFIN, q-k, Echelo, Nenkai .VOL extractor and repacker for GT4
GT.RText xfileFIN, Nenkai Tool to view and edit text/localization files (.rtext/.rt2)
GTMusicLibraryEditor Nenkai Tool to edit GT4's sound_gt/ads/us/ads.inf and sound_gt/spu/mid.inf which are responsible for music playlists & playing order
GTSpecDB Nenkai, xFileFIN Tool to view, edit, and export the car and course databases for GT4. (Note: multiple table editing may currently break the game)
GTAdhocToolchain Nenkai A toolchain for the Gran Turismo scripting language, Adhoc, from C#. Allows dissasembling GT4 scripts, unpacking .gpb files.
GT4 Save Editor Nenkai Save editor for GT4 (mostly intended for use with PCSX2)
PSound snailrush Plays various PSX and PS2 sound files.
VagConvSharp Nenkai Creates .vag sound files from .wav audio (for use in other tools to produce ENGN & other files - not yet available)
Awave Studio N/A Sound editor, allows exporting to .vag which is used by PS1 and PS2

Useful Resources