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Last Update: 13/07/2023

Custom Server

A proof-of-concept Grim server exists for GT5/6 at Grimoire.


Any project being advertised as reviving custom servers using this project is not endorsed nor wanted.


Custom Server?

A replacement for both GT5 & GT6's defunct servers.

Who works on it?

As of right now, Nenkai and ddm999.

Can you use this on consoles?

Yes, but unplanned. PSN is a hard requirement, and a modded console is also required, which has ban risks. In the distant future, this may no longer be required thanks to hyenas (although the project seems to be dead as of 2023).

What about emulators such as RPCS3?

The server will only support RPCS3 for safety.

Functional thanks to RPCN. Most community features are functional.

Can you host and join lobbies?

There is currently an issue with RPCS3/RPCN where joining others's lobbies does not work. We hope that this can be solved in the future.

Is it released yet?

Officially, no. It's still a work-in-progress. GT5 is currently being tested as of July 2023.

Is it secure?

SSL is fully implemented. RPCN authenticity is also fully verified upon login.


Only the proof of concept - the real project is private for the time being.

What's "Grim"?

PDI's official name for their server infrastructure. The server revival project's name Grimoire is based on it.

More info on the Grim page.

What doesn't work so far (GT5)

  • Going inside GTTV causes an emulator crash (emulator issue, NP Commerce not implemented).
  • It is not yet possible to connect to other players's lobbies (emulator issue, sceNpBasic* possibly not implemented)
  • Only Time and Drift trials are currently implemented (grimoire side)
  • Remote B-Spec's event is not currently implemented (grimoire side)
  • The online car dealership only has two cars (787B's), listings have yet to be properly implemented (grimoire side)
  • The museum is missing a few entries for the time being (grimoire side, we do not have the images for them yet)
  • It is not possible to view who is online in-game yet (emulator issue, sceNpPresence is not implemented)
  • Sometimes downloaded images (avatars) can be black (emulator issue).
  • Sometimes creating custom track or avatar thumbnails can fail and be all black or glitched (emulator issue).