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Loading Clock Colors

This page documents the red and blue clocks of death.

Red Clock

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This is the most common one, you may have run across it before.

This one indicates a disc, or I/O error, as a result of the game failing to read part of the disc. The most common way to display it is by ejecting the disk while the game is loading. It is possible to recover from it, as the game re-tries every second.

Blue Clock

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This one is a lot less common, might be new even to you.

The blue clock is caused by the game running out of memory. This only happens if you are editing the game and exceeding the its memory limit.

Whenever one of these memory functions are called:

If failed, the engine will call a function called xallocate_error_update(1) (GT4O US: 0x5285D8) which increments a global variable named xallocate_error_count. It is decremented after every successful memory allocation. If this is over 3, the game is considered out of memory and the blue clock will appear.

The checks happen at GranTurismo4::LoadingConfigPS2::update (GT4O US: 0x1039A8).