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Reverse-Engineerign Notes

Encrypted VIF1 program

The VIF1 microcode is, for some unhinged reason, encrypted. The VIF0 program is however not encrypted.

You can find them at the following offsets:

  • GT3 EU VIF0: 0x34AF00 - Size 0x398
  • GT3 EU VIF1: 0x2F8A80 - Size 0x3DA8
  • GT4 Online US VIF0: 0x731180 - Size 0x920
  • GT4 Online US VIF1: 0x69B110 - Size 0x3FF0

To decrypt the VIF1 bytecode:

static int _hash = 0x32277070;

static int GetRandom()
    _hash = 0x5D588B65 * _hash + 1;
    return _hash;

var bytes = File.ReadAllBytes("<path to bytecode>");
for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) // Replace size by actual size
    bytes[i] ^= (byte)GetRandom();