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Pat0 / Color Patch

Applies to: GT4 · Extension: .pat / none · Endian: Little

Color Patches are responsible for holding a car model's data for each paint color. More precisely - these files contain data patches that will change bytes for a car model's model set structure, for instance, its texture set when switching to one car paint to another.

As model sets are fully loaded in memory as the actual runtime buffers, patching a model set's texture bytes on the fly is what allows seamless color switching in car/paint selections. It is a smart way of doing color transitions, but remains complicated to construct - texture buffers especially inside car models can be swizzled.


Presumably the way these were built were by diffing texture sets or whole model sets. Comparison between a paint and another is converted into patches - this file.

The header may be present in all sorts of files like models.

Size: 0x20

Field Offset Type Description
Pat0 0x00 int Magic, (not enforced)
Relocation Pointer 0x04 int Relocation Pointer
Emptu 0x08 byte[0x08] Empty/Not used
Paint/Variation Count 0x10 short Number of paints for the target car model
Patch Count 0x12 short Number of patches to be made per paint
Empty 0x14 byte[0x0C] Empty/ Not used
Patch List 0x20... Patch* Patch Offsets


Field Offset Type Description
Patch Target Offset 0x00 int Offset within the Model Set to patch
Patch Size 0x04 int Size of the patch
Buffer Width 0x08 byte[...] Patch data