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Tex1 - TexSet

Applies to: GT3, GT4 · Extension: .img / none · Endian: Little

The Tex1 is a texture format that can hold multiple formats. It is essentially a wrapper around the PS2 Tex registers.

The header may be present in all sorts of files like models.

Size: 0x30

Field Offset Type Description
Tex1 0x00 Int Magic, (Enforced only in debug?)
Relocation Pointer 0x04 Int Relocation Pointer
Unknown Pointer 0x08 Int Normally 0?
File Size 0x0C Int File Size
Base TBP Offset 0x10 short Remapped at runtime. TBP register base
Total Blocks 0x12 short Total blocks taken by all textures in this texture set
PGLUTexture Count 0x14 short Number of textures (or mipmaps) in this texture set
Texture Buffer Count 0x16 short Number of texture buffers in this texture set
PGLUTextures Pointer 0x18 PGLUTexture* Pointer to PGLUTexture infos
Texture Buffer Info Pointer 0xC TextureBufferInfo* Pointer to texture buffer info
Unknown Pointer 0x20 void* N/A
Clut Animation Pointer 0x24 void* Unknown. Remapped by pgluMapClutAnimation
Unknown Pointer 0x28 void* N/A


Size: 0x28

Direct GS Registers go here:

Texture Buffer

Normally there is one for the image and one for the palette if applicable.

For tightly packed texture sets for things like car textures, there can be many of them.

Size: 0x0C

Field Offset Type Description
Image Data Pointer 0x00 void* Pointer to the image data.
TBP 0x04 short Block offset of the image data.
Buffer Width 0x06 byte Buffer width of the texture buffer.
PSM 0x07 byte Pixel surface format.
Width 0x08 byte Width of the texture buffer.
Height 0x0A byte Height of the texture buffer.

Texture Blocks

Refer to the PS2 GS's Users Manual - Page 161 to 170.

Last update: September 22, 2023
Created: September 22, 2023