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Image Editing

PS3-era and even GTPSP uses TXS3 for its image format, which is pretty much just DDS.

TXS3Converter can convert standard images (.png, .jpg, etc) into that format. Download it and extract it.


You'll also need to download and place TeXConv in the same folder. It is used by TXS3Converter to convert images into DDS first.

Most of the textures in the game are located in the piece global folder, and in GPB containers.

.img to .png

Open cmd in that folder and place your .img file in the tool folder and then run the following command

Converting to PNG
TXS3Converter convert-png <path_to_your_file>


If you're converting back later on you might want to take note of the image format that the tool prints into the console.

.png/jpg/bmp to .img

Open cmd in that folder and place your standard image in the tool folder. You need to know the format before hand. Converting a .img file to a normal image will show that.

Converting to IMG (aka TXS3)
TXS3Converter convert-img <path_to_your_file> --pf <DXT3/DXT5/DXT10>