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The gran turismo modding community was nearly inexistent before 2020. It wouldn't be what it is today without the support, motivation, donations, and help of many people who have been here far before I (Nenkai) was.

Credits, without any particular order:

  • xFileFIN/Razer2015 - Greatly helping me get started and understanding GT5, which has been invaluable to start off
  • flatz - Invaluable work towards volume ever since GT5, putting the basis for modern GT reverse-engineering - and of course, Playstation things beforeall
  • TheAdmiester - Putting the reverse-engineering work in practice
  • ddm - Putting the reverse-engineering work in practice
  • Xenn - Assisting with mods and research
  • pez2k - Never-ending knowledge source
  • Silent - Patches, helping towards many various aspects
  • GTArchive/Paiky - Acquiring, dumping many builds, and kind donations
  • DustinEden - "Mod testing", support, donations & more
  • JumpAce - Generous donations
  • Echelo, q-k - Reverse-engineering work towards GT4, 5, and 6
  • xan1242 - General help and guidance
  • errmaccer - PS2 Plugin Injector + Guidance
  • The Modding Discord

It is only beneficial to attribute proper credits to the people who have spent countless days and nights reverse-engineering and even documenting the process and spread awareness to allow more people to be involved. Thanks if you do!