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Getting Started


Extracting the game

All PS2 GT titles use the volume system, which will need to be extracted in order to gain access to game contents.

If you haven't already, extract the .iso file using 7-Zip or by any other means. You should be able to see a GT3.VOL file.

Using GT3VOLExtractor, extract the volume file as such

Extracting GT3.VOL
GT3VOLExtractor -e GT3.VOL data --decompress-all

This may take a while, but when complete, you should be able to see a new data folder.

Unlike GT4, GT3 has leftover code for loading files from HostFS. HostFS is a feature normally available on PS2 devkits which allows loading files loose without a volume file. This avoids the need of normally creating a new volume file and ISO file for every change you want to make.


Ensure that you have the volume extracted into a data folder, next to the ISO file before starting this section.

Setting up PCSX2

Refer to the HostFS patches in the patches section. Use the one that matches your region.

  1. Add search directory to the ELF file
  2. Actually rename the elf file to have the elf extension to show up i.e SCES_502.94.elf
  3. Right click on the elf entry, properties
  4. Summary -> Disc Path -> Browse -> Select ISO file
  5. Emulation -> Tick "Enable Host Filesystem"

Select your ISO file

  • CDVD -> ISO Selector -> ...

Then, boot through the ELF file (important!)

  • System -> Run ELF... -> SCES_502.94 (example)

After that, you should be done. Enjoy editing files and fast load speeds.

Building a Volume