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Tracks are known as Courses in internal GT terms.


These terms mostly apply starting from Gran Turismo 4.

  • Course Pack: The course pack contains most of the components that makes up a track. The runway, main model set, model set for the rear-view, camera component, vision list and more.
  • EnvPtr: Environment parameter. Sets up how a course behaves to lighting, and setups weather parameters.
  • Gadget: Represents a dynamic object on a course - for example: a cone.
  • Permanent: Refers to a fantasy track, a track that is permanent. This term is mostly used starting GT Sport but applies in older games aswell.
  • Rail: Refers to the road aspect of a course in the context of course generation.
  • Runway: Runways are the collision component of the course. It contains the checkpoints, boundaries, collision tree, starting grid points and more.
  • Scenery: Refers to the background aspect of a course.
  • VCoord: Represents one meter progression on the track. i.e VCoord 2000 would be half way through High Speed Ring (which is 4.000 meters).
  • Vision List: Vision lists (also known as VLS) determine what models should rendered on a precise point on the track.