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SGD / SGH / SGB - SGX Data

Applies to: GT5, GTPSP, GT6 · Extension: .sgd/.sgh/.sgb / none · Endian: Little

SGX is an audio playing library and format created by Sony used in a few games that have been developed, or published by them. PS3-era GTs and GTPSP makes use of them.

There are 3 distinct formats:

.sgd - SGX Sound container. Always starts with the `SGXD` magic.
.sgh - SGX Sound container header. This is the header only. # (1)!
.sgb - SGX Sound container data. This is the data only.
  1. These may be present inside BGML files.

Multiple audio formats are supported in a SGX container:


Foobar2000 with the VGMStream plugin can be used to stream and play contents of a SGD file.

Building SGX files

SGXDataBuilder can be used to build these sort of files.

As this is a Sony format and not a PDI format, it has been mostly documented through a 010 Editor template outside this repository.


The header has been documented using debug symbols from Folklore PS3.