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String/Text Editing

Understanding the RT2 Localization System

Like any AAA game, localization eventually comes in to play; it is what lets developers have text available in multiple languages. Gran Turismo 5/6 is no exception.

Localized game strings are located in .rt2 files.

  • In GT5 and 6, car descriptions are located in the description folder.
  • In GT5, Logic related strings are located in projects/gt5/<project>/<locale>, whereas in GT6, they are all compacted into one file per locale, in the rtext/common folder.

RT2 files are simple. They work as Key/Value pairs, for example, you may want the unit name for a specific locale. Your key will be UNIT. Depending on the locale, UNIT may return different strings. km/h or mph is an example.

In order to edit such files you will need GT.RText.

Editing Strings

Open the tool.

You may edit either individual rt2 files using the Open File option, or load whole folders to easily switch across locales with the Open UI Folder option (common folder for instance, or gtmode in GT5 under projects/gt5).

Head to a category, and you will see the Key/Values displayed on the right pane. Double click any of these to begin editing.

Once you're done, save either the file or locale folder back where you loaded it or somewhere else.