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Welcome to the Gran Turismo Modding Hub! This is a new site created to cover everything about the inner workings of the Gran Turismo series, and serve as a central source of information.

This website is still a work in progress, incase you have anything to suggest, join us on our modding discord!

GT Modding Community Discord

⚠️ Old GT5/GT6 online players, we need your help!

Some online assets from back in the day may be lost to time, but you may be able to fix that! On June 17th, 2023, we managed to recover 12 GB worth of online GTTV movies from GT5/GT6!

GT5 temporarily stored assets such as Gran Turismo TV movies, museum files and more on the hard drive. Seasonals & GT6 custom tracks can also be recovered if you had replays of them.

If you think you have any of these especially the former, we urge you to mod your console to retrieve these files for archival! If you already have a modded console and think you have GT5/GT6 assets, check under the dev_hdd0/game/<Game Code>/USRDIR/grim2/file/contents folder if you can find anything there. For replays, simply check ingame.

Contact Nenkai on Twitter or on Discord (nenkai) if you can help!

Contributing to the website

If you'd like to contribute to the website, this is the repository for this website. Otherwise you can join the discord and discuss anything in regards to the website in #modding-hub-chat.