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ESGX - Engine SGX

Applies to: GT5, GTPSP, GT6 · Extension: .esgx / none · Endian: Big (GT5/GT6), Little (GTPSP)

An ESGX is merely a wrapper around a Sony SGD file, with extra parameters setting an engine sound's parameters.

Size: 0x24

Field Offset Type Description
ESGX 0x00 Int Magic, (Enforced, can not be different)
Relocation Pointer 0x04 Int Relocation Pointer
Header Size 0x08 Int Header Size
Sample Count 0x0C Int Number of samples in this engine sound
Sample Parameters Pointer 0x10 SampleParameter* Track Count
Unk/Empty 0x14 Int N/A
Unk/Empty 0x18 Int N/A
Volume Left 0x1C short 0x1000
Padding 0x1E short N/A
Volume Right 0x20 short 0x1000
Padding 0x22 short N/A

Sample Parameter

Size: 0x10

Field Offset Type Description
RPM Pitch 0x00 short Pitch of the sample
RPM Start 0x02 short Which RPM this sample starts playing
RPM End 0x04 short Which RPM this sample stops playing
RPM Volume 0x06 short Volume of the sample
RPM Frequency 0x08 int Frequency of the sample
SGD Pointer 0x0C SGD* SGD Container for this sample