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pdiext::MSoundContext Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for pdiext::MSoundContext:

Public Member Functions

 MSoundContext ()
 constructor taking no param More...
void setExclusiveUser ()
Bool isExclusiveUser ()
void setReverbMaster ()
void setStereoPanWidth ()
void getReverb ()
void setReverb ()
void getDelay ()
void setDelay ()
void setWorldEQ ()
void getWorldEQ ()
void getEffectorParameter ()
void setEffectorParameter ()
void getBusEqualizer ()
void setBusEqualizer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from System::Object
 Object ()
 constructor taking no param More...
Bool isInstanceOf (Class classType)
 Returns whether an object is of a specific class/type. More...
Object getDeepCopy ()
 Gets a deep copy of this object. More...
void setDeepCopy (Object obj)
 Unk. More...
String dump ()
 Dumps all info about an object. More...
Object getObjectAttribute (string path)
void setObjectAttribute (string path, Object value)
Bool hasPrimitiveInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has a primitive interface. More...
Bool toBool ()
 Casts this object to Bool. More...
Byte toByte ()
 Casts this object to Byte. More...
Short toShort ()
 Casts this object to Short. More...
Int toInt ()
 Casts this object to Int. More...
Long toLong ()
 Casts this object to Long. More...
UByte toUByte ()
 Casts this object to UByte. More...
UShort toUShort ()
 Casts this object to UShort. More...
UInt toUInt ()
 Casts this object to UInt. More...
ULong toULong ()
 Casts this object to ULong. More...
Float toFloat ()
 Casts this object to Float. More...
Double toDouble ()
 Casts this object to Double. More...
String toString ()
 Casts this object to String. More...
Symbol toSymbol ()
 Casts this object to Symbol. More...
Bool hasArrayInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has an Array interface. More...
Int getArrayCount ()
 Gets the Array item count for this object. More...
void setArrayCount ()
 Sets the Array item count for this object. More...
Object getArrayElement (Object arg0)
 Gets an Array item for this object. More...
void setArrayElement (Object arg0, Object arg1)
 Sets the Array item for this object. More...
Bool hasMapInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has a Map interface. More...
int getMapCount ()
 Returns the count of items in the map. More...
void setMapElement (Object arg0, Object arg1)
 Returns whether the Map has a specific object key. Bool hasMapElement(Object arg0);. More...
Object getMapElement (Object arg0)
 Gets a Map element by key. More...
void hasGeneratorInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has a generator interface. More...
Iterator generator ()
 Returns generator (?) More...
void hasIteratorInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has an iterator. More...
Iterator iterator ()
 Gets the iterator for this object. More...
void hasVariableInterface ()
 Returns whether this object is a variable. More...
void hasFunctionInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has a function interface. More...
Object call ()
 Calls this object as a function. More...
Bool hasByteDataInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has a byte data interface. More...
Int getByteDataCount ()
 Returns the ByteData size for this object. More...
void setByteDataCount (Int count)
 Sets the ByteData size for this object. More...
Int getByteDataCapacity ()
 Returns the ByteData capacity for this object. More...
void setByteDataCapacity (Int capacity)
 Sets the ByteData capacity for this object. More...
ByteData getByteData ()
 Gets the underlaying ByteData. More...
void setByteData (ByteData bytedata)
 Sets the underlaying ByteData. More...
void hasObjectSelectorInterface ()
 Returns whether this object has an object selector interface. More...
void self ()
 Gets the get for this object if it has a get interface. More...
void getArchiveTree ()
void setArchiveTree ()
ByteData serialize ()
 Serializes this object. More...
void deserialize (ByteData serializedData)
 Deserializes this object. More...
void defined (Object obj)
 Returns whether a certain object is defined within this object. More...
Array find_all (FunctionObject func)
 Finds all the elements in this object that matches the predicates. More...
void each_all (FunctionObject func)
 Applies callback to all elements in this object. More...
Array map_all (FunctionObject< Object > func)
 Maps all the elements in this object. More...
Bool operator!= ()
 Returns whether this object is not equal to another. More...
Bool operator== ()
 Returns whether this object is equal to another. More...

Public Attributes

Bool enable
Float interior_pan_distance
Object reverb_master
Object late_reverb_master
Object master_output_gain
Object sound_driver_volume_scale
Object reference_sound_level
Object distance_filter_type
Object voice_agc_exp
Object voice_agc_gain
Object voice_agc_comp_rate
Object voice_agc_exp_rate
Object voice_agc_limit
Object bgm_upmix_preset
- Public Attributes inherited from System::Object
Int rc_size
 Getter-only. Reference counter size of this object. More...
Object rc_class
 Getter-only. Type name of the object. More...
Int rc_count
 Getter-only. Reference count of this object. More...
Int weak_count
 Getter-only. Weak reference count of this object. More...
Class class_id
 Class (type) object for this object. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 5 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MSoundContext()

pdiext::MSoundContext::MSoundContext ( )

constructor taking no param

Definition at line 9 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBusEqualizer()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::getBusEqualizer ( )

◆ getDelay()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::getDelay ( )

◆ getEffectorParameter()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::getEffectorParameter ( )

◆ getReverb()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::getReverb ( )

◆ getWorldEQ()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::getWorldEQ ( )

◆ isExclusiveUser()

Bool pdiext::MSoundContext::isExclusiveUser ( )

◆ setBusEqualizer()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setBusEqualizer ( )

◆ setDelay()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setDelay ( )

◆ setEffectorParameter()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setEffectorParameter ( )

◆ setExclusiveUser()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setExclusiveUser ( )

◆ setReverb()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setReverb ( )

◆ setReverbMaster()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setReverbMaster ( )

◆ setStereoPanWidth()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setStereoPanWidth ( )

◆ setWorldEQ()

void pdiext::MSoundContext::setWorldEQ ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ bgm_upmix_preset

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::bgm_upmix_preset

Definition at line 35 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ distance_filter_type

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::distance_filter_type

Definition at line 22 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ enable

Bool pdiext::MSoundContext::enable

Definition at line 11 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ interior_pan_distance

Float pdiext::MSoundContext::interior_pan_distance

Definition at line 14 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ late_reverb_master

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::late_reverb_master

Definition at line 18 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ master_output_gain

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::master_output_gain

Definition at line 19 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ reference_sound_level

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::reference_sound_level

Definition at line 21 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ reverb_master

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::reverb_master

Definition at line 17 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ sound_driver_volume_scale

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::sound_driver_volume_scale

Definition at line 20 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ voice_agc_comp_rate

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::voice_agc_comp_rate

Definition at line 25 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ voice_agc_exp

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::voice_agc_exp

Definition at line 23 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ voice_agc_exp_rate

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::voice_agc_exp_rate

Definition at line 26 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ voice_agc_gain

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::voice_agc_gain

Definition at line 24 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

◆ voice_agc_limit

Object pdiext::MSoundContext::voice_agc_limit

Definition at line 27 of file MSoundContext.cpp.

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